Theme and Design

The Winsanity game provided by Rival is an exhilarating online slot game hosted by Rich Palms casino. It brilliantly unifies classic casino charm with modern design elements, creating an aesthetic that is both nostalgic yet contemporary. The game's vibrant backdrop is filled with radiant colors which breathe life into a conventional slot theme.

The familiar BAR icons, adorned with hues of blue, green and red, are the eye-catchers of the game, each featuring a multiplier of its respective color. Although the slots are traditionally styled, they are well complemented with animated effects that add an exciting twist to the game, truly living up to its name, Winsanity.

Rival has done a commendable job in optimizing the game's graphics to suit any screen size without compromising the gaming experience. Whether on a desktop or a mobile device, Winsanity promises absolute entertainment, ensuring every spin is as interactive as it is visually appealing.

Gameplay and Paytable

Winsanity's gameplay reflects the essence of a traditional slot game, with its highly engaging yet straightforward mechanism. The game features a three-reel design with a single payline, resurrecting the classic slot game architectural concept. Despite its simplicity in layout, Winsanity delivers robust action with its compelling paytables.

The BAR symbols operate as the game's key figures, each multi-colored and linked to their respective multipliers - single blue BAR providing 1x multiplier, double green BAR offering 2x multiplier, and the triple red BAR yielding a tantalizing 6x multiplier.

Winsanity distinguishes itself with its unique "any BAR" concept. This means that even if the three bars do not match, players are guaranteed to win, making every spin rewarding and keeping the thrill intact.

How to Play Winsanity

Playing Winsanity is an easy-going process. Begin by setting the coin value, which ranges from 0.01 to 10. Players can choose to play 1 to 3 coins and then spin the reels. If you land three similar BAR icons on the payline, you'll be entitled to a win. Here is a quick rundown of wins:

  • If you match three blue single BAR symbols, you get your stake multiplied by 1.
  • Match three green double BAR symbols, and your stake is multiplied by 2.
  • If you hit three red triple BAR symbols, your stake is multiplied by an impressive 6.
  • Win by simply landing any combination of BAR symbols.

Each win triggers an animation, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. The user interface is also quite user-friendly, making it easy even for absolute beginners to get started.

Bonus Features

Rival has peppered Winsanity with a range of bonus features effectively maintaining player interest. Winsanity includes the Wild multiplier, which lights up when used in a winning combination and applies a respective multiplier to the win. Also, if a player lands all wilds on the payline, they are rewarded with a jackpot of 3000 coins when playing with a 3-coin bet.

Winsanity is also characterized by its interactive bonus level. It heightens the gaming excitement by offering players a chance to multiply their winnings. This level provides gamblers the chance to enjoy intensified gaming while potentially boosting their chances of big wins.

Overall, Winsanity offers a blend of tradition and innovation. The design provides classic appeal, while the gameplay ensures an engaging experience, enhanced by lucrative bonus features. Whether you're a novice player finding your feet or a seasoned gambler seeking old-school charm, Winsanity hosted by Rich Palms casino is the perfect choice.