Wanbao Dino
Wanbao Dino

Theme and Design

The Wanbao Dino game is a thrilling casino game distributed by CQ9 and an essential part of the gaming library at Rich Palms casino. It steps into the world of dinosaurs with a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing interface that blends ancient creatures with vibrant visuals. The game is underscored by a charming prehistoric theme, accentuated with vivid colors, engaging animations, and top-notch graphics that transport you to a world of fun and adventure.

Set amidst dense green vegetation, the game's distinct design combines a tropical jungle backdrop with an array of exciting symbols. Each symbol is intricately detailed depicting dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, and other adorable prehistoric species. The audio visuals provide an immersive gaming experience, bringing the Jurassic era to life through cheerful reel sounds coupled with realistic dinosaur roars.

Gameplay and Paytable

Wanbao Dino combines great entertainment with the chance to win lucrative rewards. It is configured with 25 fixed pay lines spread on a conventional 5x3 layout for players to secure winning combinations. Each time flashing symbols line up on the reels to form a winning combination, it's a stepping stone closer to significant potential payouts.

The paytable is furnished with a mix of dinosaurs and polished stone pieces, each holding different values. The Tyrannosaurus Rex symbol is of the highest worth, and securing a five of a kind combination might get players stellar rewards. Normal major symbols, like the herbivorous dinosaurs, also hold impressive payouts when they line up on the payline.

How to Play Wanbao Dino

The process to play Wanbao Dino is straightforward. Adhere to the following steps:

  • Select your betting amount to start off the game.
  • Use the 'SPIN' button to get the reels moving.
  • The reels will stop at random, and if they align forming winning combinations, your stake multiplies according to the paytable.
  • The game offers autoplay feature for players who wish to keep the reels spinning without interruption.
  • Manage your bankroll efficiently; remember, the goal is to maximize entertainment and rewards while minimizing risks!

Bonus Features

Wanbao Dino’s bonus features embrace hold and spin, free games, and random multipliers – each one offering a unique thrill and an opportunity for bigger wins.

The hold and spin feature is triggered when six or more scattered dinosaur egg symbols appear. During this feature, any dinosaur egg that lands on the reels gets locked in their position while the rest of the symbols spin. If the entire screen fills with this symbol, you stand to win the Grand Jackpot.

The free spins feature kicks off upon landing 3 or more volcano symbols anywhere on the reels. This feature provides a dual advantage of not only offering free spins but also supplying a random multiplier for potential wins.

The Rise of Dino Symbol is another enthralling feature of the Wanbao Dino game, where a dinosaur appears on screen and smashes a rock, revealing a certain multiplier to capitalize your wins.

In conclusion, Wanbao Dino by CQ9 isn’t just a game - it's a thrilling prehistoric adventure fortified with bountiful treasures. The game's superior design and bonus features make it an engaging and rewarding endeavor at Rich Palms casino.