Viking Victory
Viking Victory

Theme and Design

The Viking Victory game presented by Rival takes the player back to the time of Norse mythology in an exciting and visually stunning environment. Embrace the ambiance of the Vikings, filled with symbols of their fierce warriors, mystic animals, and ancient runic alphabets vividly portrayed with high-quality graphics. The design marries perfectly with the theme involving a rich tapestry of Norse mythology, depicting various aspects of Viking culture, lifestyle and their treasure-filled pursuits. A frosty backdrop of a Norse village and a suspenseful soundtrack further add to the immersive feel of this game. Powered by Rival, one of the renowned providers of online casino games, Viking Victory definitely stands out with its impeccably detailed design and captivating theme at Rich Palms casino.

Gameplay and Paytable

Viking Victory features a traditional 5x3 reel layout incorporated within an unconventional format that progressively expands into 5x4, 5x5, and finally 5x9 grids, successively unlocking 1,024, 3,125, and an astonishing 3,125 ways to win. The paytable is detailed with symbols that resonate with the Viking theme, including Norse warriors, ravens, runes, wolves, and longships. Greater payouts are associated with the warrior figures, while the lower value symbols are characterized by rune-styled playing cards (9 to Ace).

How to Play Viking Victory

  • Select your bet size, ranging from a minimum of $0.30 to a maximum of $75.00
  • Once the wager is set, initiate the game by hitting the spin button.
  • Winning combinations are created by landing three or more matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel.
  • A unique feature of Viking Victory is the "Drop Icons" mechanism. It initiates an avalanche of symbols whenever a winning combination is achieved, allowing for the potential for multiple wins on a single wager.

Bonus Features

Viking Victory game boasts of a plethora of bonus features, designed to increase the player's payout and gaming enthusiasm. The most notable feature is the Free Spins mode, triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the playing field. During Free Spins, the playing field progressively expands, and win multipliers up to 9x come into play, significantly boosting the winning potential.

The game also incorporates a Stacked Wild symbol, an image of the Norse god, Odin. This symbol appears only in the free spins mode and multiplies the winnings by three. Moreover, the game includes a Bonus Round feature, triggered by landing three or more bonus symbols. Here, players can enjoy cash rewards, additional free spins, and multipliers, depending on the bonus combination and the number of unlocked grids.

Lastly, the unique Drop Icons mechanism renews the game's screen with each winning combination, allowing the dropping symbols to form new winning opportunities, escalating the potential for significant returns.

In conclusion, Viking Victory from Rival, hosted at Rich Palms Casino, presents an intriguing combination of captivating theme, immersive design, dynamic gameplay, and substantial bonus features. Its unique grid-expansion mechanic and lucrative bonus offerings keep players entertained while providing a real opportunity for significant gains. This engaging and interactive game is sure to appeal to casino players who seek irresistible visuals and high winning possibilities.