Upper Crust Abbey
Upper Crust Abbey

Theme and Design

Upper Crust Abbey, a high-end slot game brought to us by the renowned gaming developer Saucify, sets the stage of its own unique storytelling in the heart of a luxurious and sophisticated aristocratic setting. This game is available at the distinguished online platform - Rich Palms Casino- where players are transported into a lavish world of wealth and regality.

The rich, historical theme of Upper Crust Abbey is vibrantly reflected in the beautifully designed interface, integrating antique treasures, ostentatious jewelry, and charming characters from the Downton Abbey-inspired slot game. Players will be immersed into the world of nobility as they spin reels adorned with elegant silver tea sets, vintage cars, and enchanting ancestral homes that beautifully encapsulate the game's British upper-class flair. The meticulous attention to detail along with the charming and crisp graphics make this game a visual feast.

Gameplay and Paytable

Upper Crust Abbey, following Saucify's tradition, offers an engaging and exciting gameplay experience. With a 5x3 reel layout and 15 pay lines, the game boasts a balanced mix of frequent modest wins and a significant jackpot as the ultimate goal.

The paytable for the Upper Crust Abbey game is attractive and fair, offering decent payouts to all who spin. The high-value symbols in this game include the aristocrats, and other sumptuous symbols such as the grand piano, the golden pocket watch, and the vintage car. The fascinating factor in the game's paytable is the potential for multipliers, which vastly increase winning possibilities for passionate players. The returns are impressive, with potential for up to 40x the initial bet when five of the aristocrat symbols line up in a row.

How to Play Upper Crust Abbey

Playing Upper Crust Abbey is straightforward, even for new gamers. Following are the simple steps:

  • Launch the game from the Rich Palms Casino interface, adjusting your bet size according to your preference.
  • Select the number of paylines you wish to activate, ranging from 1-15.
  • Simply hit the spin button to see if lady luck is in your favour! Your winnings are automatically calculated and added to your playing balance.
An additional feature, the auto spin function, allows you to set the desired number of spins without having to manually intervene. This results in a seamless and effortless gaming experience.

Bonus Features

The Upper Crust Abbey game offers a delightful array of bonus features, which rewards frequent players with extra spins and bonuses. Among these features are the wild symbols – when aligned, these symbols can replace any other symbol on the payline, thus increasing your chance of securing a winning combination.

The scatter symbols also add an extra dash of excitement. When three or more scatter symbols appear, it triggers a free spin feature that can provide you with up to 20 additional free spins. During this bonus spin session, all your winnings are tripled, giving you the opportunity for a substantial economic boost.

Furthermore, the bonus round provided in Upper Crust Abbey offers an interactive experience that adds a layer of fantastically fun gameplay not available in many games. Triggered by the appearance of an appropriate symbol, the bonus round enables you to personally explore the Abbey and select from numerous hidden treasures to increase your winnings further. Each choice you make can result in handsome payouts. Surely, it is a treat worth the spin!

Experience the nobility, taste the richness and indulge in the luxury of an aristocratic environment while making impressive wins at the Upper Crust Abbey, brought to you by Saucify and available only on Rich Palms Casino.