The American Rivers Gold
The American Rivers Gold

Theme and Design

The American Rivers Gold game, provided by DiceLab, takes players on a thrilling journey into the Prohibition era in America, with a unique blend of atmosphere and design. The game, available at Rich Palms Casino, exhibits impressive visuals that perfectly reflect the old-world charm of 1920’s America. The graphics are crafted with meticulous precision, transporting players into an immersive environment of the Roaring Twenties, complete with red velvet drapes, ornate gold detailing, and wooden barrels filled with illegal brews.

The game introduces us to a vivid color palette that ranges from smooth gold to darker hues, instilling a sense of opulence and danger. Clear visuals and smooth animations keep the player engaged while old-timey jazz music plays in the background, enhancing the overall ambiance and entertainment quotient of the game. The interface is user-friendly and all standard controls are conveniently placed for easy navigation.

Gameplay and Paytable

The American Rivers Gold game is a dice-based title where the gameplay revolves around rolling dice and scoring combinations. The symbols on the paytable replicate the dice and players can score combinations parallel, diagonally, or in an array. The game exhibits a 5x5 grid with the potential for extensive combinations to get attractive rewards.

How to Play The American Rivers Gold

Playing the American Rivers Gold game is an uncomplicated process. Here, a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  • Start by selecting the bet size using the “+” or “-” buttons in the control panel.
  • Once the bet size is decided, click on the Spin button to roll the dice.
  • The objective is to match dice across the paylines. The more dice you match, the bigger your prize.
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll land on a special combination that triggers bonus rounds and special features.
  • You can use the Autoplay feature for a predetermined number of turns for seamless play.

It’s a game of chance and strategy, where each throw of the dice brings you closer to the intriguing mysteries that lie in the heart of this Prohibition-themed game.

Bonus Features

The American Rivers Gold game is brimming with thrilling bonus features that accentuate the excitement and opportunity for lucrative wins. There are Free Spins, Wild Dice, and a Gold Jackpot feature.

The Free Spins are triggered when a specific dice combination appears on the reels. During these spins, your chances of winning increase manifold, and they add a thrilling edge to the gaming experience.

The Wild Dice is another attractive feature of the game. It can substitute any other dice on the reels to give you a winning combination. It’s a game changer and significantly boosts the chances of garnering large rewards.

The highlight of the game is the Gold Jackpot feature. If you manage to hit this, you stand a chance to win enormous payouts that could go up to thousands of times your initial bet. It is the feature that combines the thrill of gambling with the fortune of striking gold.

Overall, The American Rivers Gold Game by DiceLab, played at Rich Palms Casino, offers an immersive gaming experience filled with impressive graphics, refreshing gameplay, and exciting bonus features. Set in the fascinating era of the 1920's, it's definitely a game worth trying for both rookie and experienced gamers.