Thai Fish Prawn Crab
Thai Fish Prawn Crab

Theme and Design

The theme revolves around popular Asian aquatic symbols – Fish, Prawn, and Crab, a concept commonly found in traditional gambling games of China and South-East Asia. CQ9 successfully captures the exotic, enigmatic charm of the East with its design. The board showcases three primary symbols – a Fish, a Prawn, and a Crab – finely crafted in gold portraying elegance. There's also a backdrop of rich royal blue adding depth and sophistication. The gold dice and other gaming elements further enhance the plush look and feel.

The developer's attention to detail is commendable, all the way down to the vibrant, engaging sound effects that complete the ambiance. The overall visual appeal is impressive, setting the right mood for a thrilling gaming session.

Gameplay and Paytable

The gameplay of Thai Fish Prawn Crab game is different from your usual slot games. It's a game of prediction, where you bet on the outcome of rolling three dice. Each die contains images of a Fish, Prawn, and Crab on its six faces. Once the dice stop rolling, you'll win if the symbols you bet on appear on the dice.

Below are the projected pays depending on the symbol outcome:

  • One symbol match earns you a payout at 1:1.
  • Two symbol match leads to a payout ratio of 2:1.
  • Three symbol matches get a generous payout at odds of 3:1.

There's also a designated betting range, making the game versatile for both low-stake players and high-rollers alike.

How to Play Thai Fish Prawn Crab

First, you must place your wager on any of the illustrated symbols on the betting board. Once the bet is in place, the dealer rolls the dice. If the dice match your bet, you win. This simplicity, mixed with the element of chance and unpredictability, makes Thai Fish Prawn Crab the perfect destination for an intriguing gaming experience.

Bonus Features

Beyond its charming aesthetics and refinely trotted payouts, Thai Fish Prawn Crab delivers an extra thrill with its bonus features. The 'Wild' icon, symbolized by a gold-dollar coin, substitutes all other symbols enhancing your chances of winning. Then there's the Scatter symbol represented by a Multi-color Wheel. Landing three or more Scatters triggers the Wheel-of-Fortune-style bonus round where you can spin the wheel to bag handsome multipliers or cash rewards.

In conclusion, the rich design, strategic gameplay, fair paytable, and intriguing bonus features make Thai Fish Prawn Crab well worth a spin. Combining traditional elements and modern twists, this CQ9 offering at Rich Palms Casino is indeed a go-to for an ultimate casino gaming experience that promises both fun and rewards.