Sugar Pop
Sugar Pop

Theme and Design

The Sugar Pop game is an undoubtedly colorful and lively creation from Betsoft. This online slot game is designed to take you into a candy-coated world, one layered with vivid colors and sweet imagery. The graphical presentation is of high quality, showcasing Betsoft's expertise in game development. With a layout resembling a candy crush game, Sugar Pop takes you to a sugary journey in a mystical candy landscape with clouds of cotton candy floating in the background, transporting you to a dream-like state of sugary comfort. When playing at Rich Palms Casino, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant universe of Sugar Pop and enjoy the sweetly satisfying visuals.

Gameplay and Paytable

The gameplay of Sugar Pop is quite exceptional. There are no paylines, which gives a welcome twist from the traditional take of slot games. Instead, it operates on a 5x5 grid and utilizes the cluster pay feature. This system awards winnings based on how many clusters of the same candy you can create, providing immeasurable fun while gaming.

The paytable in Sugar Pop game is distinctive. The different candies are denoted by different shapes and colors, with each having a different value. Jellies are the lowest valued sweets whereas the cola-flavored bottles and doughnuts are the highest paying sweets. Landing a cluster of five or more identical candies will get you a win. The paytable provides necessary details about the potential winnings for different combinations and symbols.

How to Play Sugar Pop

Playing Sugar Pop is quite straightforward. Start your sweet journey at Rich Palms Casino by first setting your wager with the generated controls at the bottom of the screen. Then, press the spin button to start spinning the candies around. Forming clusters of 5 or more matching candies will provide you with winnings. The winning candies explode and new ones drop down giving more opportunities to score a win.

Bonus Features

Sugar Pop also comes with a range of exciting bonus features. Each level brings about different bonus sweets that explode forming multiple layers of sugary delights. As you advance in the levels, these special candies can offer considerable payouts:

  • Cotton Candy: A pink fluffy Sugar Pop bonus candy that explodes into a Cloud of Cotton Candy, absorbing the candies surrounding it and making them explode too.
  • Caramel Chew: This is a sticky and chewy bonus candy that goes through the candies, smashing them and making space for new resembling candies.
  • Candy Cane: A Candy Cane symbol will explode all the candies on the board that have the same color as the one that it is originally placed.
  • Gumdrop: This bonus candy will suck up candies from around the board and then explode to bring about more new candies.
  • Jelly Bean Cannon: This bonus fires jelly beans onto the candies forcing them to pop and reveal potential clusters.

In conclusion, gaming enthusiasts seeking a delightful visual treat along with exciting gameplay should undeniably consider checking out Betsoft's Sugar Pop at Rich Palms Casino. Its unique gameplay, coupled with innovative bonus features, promises a gaming experience that is as rewarding as it is enjoyable.