Theme and Design

Dive into an adventurous world of clouds and exploration with Skyward, a whimsically designed casino game developed by the acclaimed BetGames. This intriguing game, available at Rich Palms casino, uplifts your gaming experience to new heights with its captivating theme that mimics a skyward journey. Breathtaking shades of azure are intertwined with fluffy tendrils of whites, creating a mysterious yet inviting game interface that promises endless enticements ahead.

The quality of Skyward's graphics is unmatched, with smooth animations and detailed shapes that exhibit BetGames’ commitment to maintaining top-notch visual standards. The game board represents a sky-high city landscape, featuring various elements related to flying and ascension, perfectly establishing an adventurous atmosphere. With its immersive soundscape mirroring the high-action gameplay, Skyward's overall design will undoubtedly keep players engaged for hours on end.

Gameplay and Paytable

BetGames has designed Skyward with straightforward gameplay that even beginner level players can swiftly pick up. The action-packed gameplay boasts a rich paytable, offering substantial rewards for the players. Each turn begins with the player selecting one of the numerous city sections on the board in a bid to acquire sheep, which are essentially game points.

With each roll of the dice, players must aim to achieve the best possible outcome, seeking to beat other competitors in acquiring the highest number of points. The game offers an advanced betting system providing players with various options to place bets, allowing for strategic decision-making that can influence the game's outcome to favour the player. The paytable is constantly updated and displayed on the game screen for easy access allowing players to easily track their current position and potential winnings.

How to Play Skyward

Playing Skyward is straightforward and intuitive. You can follow the steps outlined below:

  • Start by selecting a city section on the game board to bet on.
  • Place your bet amount, following the minimum and maximum limit restrictions of the game.
  • Roll the dice to uncover the number of paces you move in your chosen city section, aiming to accumulate as many sheep as possible.
  • Monitor the paytable regularly to strategize your betting moves and optimize your game outcome.
  • At the end of the game, the player with the most points (sheep) is declared the winner.

Bonus Features

Skyward game comes packed with thrilling bonus features that heighten the overall gaming experience and offer additional winning opportunities. Some of the notable bonus features include:

1. Free Spins: Free spins serve as an added advantage, letting players take extra turns without the need to place a bet.

2. Multipliers: Certain positions on the board activate multipliers, allowing players to increase their winnings by two to four times the original value.

3. Extra Points: Players get the chance to win extra points, represented as additional sheep, in certain instances in the game. Acquiring extra points significantly influences the final score and positions the player towards a possible win.

4. Bonus Round: This feature is triggered when a player lands on a particular zone on the game board. During the bonus round, a player can amass a wealth of additional benefits, such as free spins, additional points, or multipliers.

Skyward's bonus features contribute to an engaging and exciting gameplay, making each turn unpredictable and thrilling, thus ensuring players remain engrossed in this BetGames' breathtaking sky high adventure at Rich Palms casino.