Running Animals
Running Animals

Theme and Design

The Running Animals game, generously supplied by the creative minds at CQ9, is known for its detailed design and entertaining animal-based theme. Set in a richly animated world packed full of unique fauna, players are sure to be immersed in this colorful jungle themed game. At Running Animals there is a great mix of vibrant 2D animations and a colorful background which truly makes every gaming session a unique experience. The robust soundtrack further enhances the adventurous animal theme.

Played at Rich Palms Casino, Running Animals by CQ9 is as visually appealing as it is fun to play. The symbols are represented by exotic animals, each with their own animation and sound effects. These cute characters paired with the engaging background come together beautifully to create an absorbing gaming atmosphere.

Gameplay and Paytable

In Running Animals, players will notice a 5×3 reel layout that gives them multiple chances to win. The running animals are not only eye-catching but also come with different values. The lion signifies a higher value, buffalo equate to medium, and both the rabbit and chicken represent lower values.

The game as a whole offers a decent range of bets. Players can adjust their wager, with options ranging from one to 100 coins per spin. This makes Running Animals perfect for players of all sorts, whether you're a casual gamer or high roller.

How to Play Running Animals

  • Start by choosing the size of your bet. Players can adjust it any time during the game.
  • Click on the Spin button to start the game and the reels will randomly stop, displaying a combination of symbols.
  • If a winning combination of matching symbols lands on the reels, you will receive corresponding prizes according to the paytable.
  • Your winnings will be automatically added to your game balance.

Bonus Features

Running Animals provides players with a variety of bonus features. For starters, landing three or more scatter symbols, represented by the green diamond, will trigger free spins. During these free rounds, players can sit back and watch as the winnings roll in.

The Wilds feature is another bonus that Running Animals players can enjoy. The Wild symbol (portrayed by the chameleon) can substitute for all other symbols, improving the chances of landing a winning combination.

Finally, the Running Animals game features a gamble feature which offers the player the opportunity to double their winnings. This exciting option is available after every winning spin and adds a thrilling risk-versus-reward element to the gameplay. However, if you make an incorrect guess, you lose all your winnings from that round, so be cautious and use this feature wisely.

In conclusion, Running Animals by CQ9, available at Rich Palms Casino, is an incredibly vibrant, endemic and engaging online slot game. It creates an intrinsic spectacle of rich jungle ambience twisting the excitement and thrill into winning big. The bonus features increase your chances of winning while making your gaming journey more exciting and enjoyable.