Runes Of Odin
Runes Of Odin

Theme and Design

The Runes Of Odin game developed by Nucleus Gaming presents a visually striking and immersive environment, transporting players to an age of Nordic mythology. Set against the backdrop of an ancient Viking landscape, filled with ancient rune stones and mystical powers, this game captures the allure of a bygone era. Great use of luminous graphics, stirring sounds, and vivid animations work together to create an enchanting ambiance that is sure to captivate all players.

The game is hosted on Rich Palms casino, a platform known for its quality game offerings and excellent user interface. Rich Palms casino adds a layer of elegance to the exciting experience offered by Runes of Odin, promising both entertainment and fair gaming contributes significantly to the overall gaming experience.

Gameplay and Paytable

The gameplay of Runes Of Odin is built to keep players engrossed from the start. This 5x5 cascading game offers many ways to win. Matched symbols combust after winning, causing symbols from above to fall into place. This allows for the possibility of chain-reaction wins.

  • Odin’s Shield: 100 coins for 5 matches, 30 coins for 4, and 10 coins for 3
  • Odin’s Helmet: 50 coins for 5 matches, 20 coins for 4, and 5 coins for 3
  • Odin’s Ring: 40 coins for 5 matches, 15 coins for 4, and 5 coins for 3
  • Fountains: 30 coins for 5 matches, 10 coins for 4, and 5 coins for 3
  • Runic alphabets (Fehu, Jera, Eihwaz, Ansuz): Range from 5 to 20 coins for 5 matches, from 2 to 5 coins for 4 matches and up to 2 coins for 3 matches

The paytable details the potential rewards associated with each symbol, thus informing the players about the worth of each symbol on the reels. This can greatly aid the players in forming their slot strategy.

How to Play Runes Of Odin

The game is straightforward and easy to play, with user-friendly buttons to set the bet and spin. Select a bet size using the coin value button and the bet level button. The spin begins the game, and the autoplay button can be set for a specific number of spins. Winning combinations ignite and disappear, leaving spaces filled by other icons falling from above, creating additional opportunities to win. The goal is to get as many continuous wins as possible.

Bonus Features

The Runes Of Odin game brings multiple bonus features, including the Odin’s Mighty Spear feature, where the player will be awarded 10 free spins. A magical spear appears after frozen runes have exploded, awarding free spins. This feature can be triggered during the free spins round as well, thus extending the free spins and giving players more chances to win. There is also a unique Fountains Of Fate feature where players fill the fountains with rune stones which once triggered, can send a cascade of coins raining down as the pot overflows.

The special features of the Runes of Odin are designed to enhance the player's gaming experience and offer substantial rewards. They add an element of surprise to the game, keeping players hooked.

Runes of Odin is more than just your average game. It has a captivating theme and exciting bonus features that truly stand out. So, step into the world of Nordic mysticism with Nucleus Gaming’s Runes of Odin and wade through the rivers of gold at Rich Palms Casino. This one is not to be missed!