Rocket Dice Xy
Rocket Dice Xy

Theme and Design

The Rocket Dice Xy game by BGaming takes a simple dice game concept and propels it into a high-tech, futuristic setting that has the aura of a high-stakes space adventure. The visually pleasing 3D rendered dice, polished to a mirror-like sheen, gives the impression of spinning freely in zero gravity. The background features a sleek, futuristic dashboard, further advancing the space-age vibe. The graphics are smooth and user-friendly, complementing the UI design, which is intuitive enough for beginners yet advanced enough for seasoned players.

Gameplay and Paytable

Rocket Dice Xy provides an exciting digital Interpretation of a classic dice game. The gameplay is driven by your predictions on the outcome of a roll of two dice. The Paytable is pretty straightforward and offers a variety of payout options depending on the sum of the two dice.

  • In terms of betting, wager sizes range from a minimum of $0.1 to a maximum of $100.
  • The payout amount corresponds directly with the perceived likelihood of the two dice landing on a specific number. The rarest results have the highest payouts, whereas the more common outcomes yield lower rewards.
  • The highest payout, at a staggering 36:1, is granted when you correctly predict the roll will be 2 or 12.

This sliding scale of risk to reward adds an element of excitement and strategy in tailoring the game play to your desired risk preference.

How to Play Rocket Dice Xy

Getting started with Rocket Dice Xy is as simple as it is engaging. Follow these steps to launch your fun:

  1. Start by deciding your bet size. By clicking on the plus or minus buttons, you can adjust the amount you wish to wager.
  2. Select the possible outcome you predict for the roll. This could be a specific number or a range of possible numbers.
  3. Roll the dice by clicking the 'Roll' button. The dice will spin and stop, unveiling the sum of their top faces.
  4. If your prediction matches the outcome, you win according to the paytable’s corresponding payout.

With each round offering a new chance to win, Rocket Dice Xy keeps your pulse racing and your anticipation high.

Bonus Features

While Rocket Dice Xy stays true to its simple and elegant dice game roots and doesn’t offer any traditional bonus features like Free Spins or Bonus Rounds, it introduces a special feature that amplifies the excitement. The 'Double Up' or gambling feature invites players to double their winnings by guessing if the next die thrown will be higher or lower than the previous outcome.

This feature triggers with every successful win. Choice lies in your hands to take the risk or secure your win. As a result, each roll, each guess, comes with a thrill, making Rocket Dice Xy an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic dice game experience.

In conclusion, the Rocket Dice Xy game by BGaming available at Rich Palms Casino offers a thrilling dice game experience, beautifully designed within a modern, space-age theme. Its simple yet engaging gameplay along with the added excitement of the 'Double Up' feature makes it a perfect choice for dice game lovers and thrill seekers alike. Roll the dice and experience the interstellar excitement yourself!