Ride Em Poker
Ride Em Poker

Theme and Design

Ignite your passion for online casino gaming with Ride Em Poker, a poker variant brought to you by unmatched software developers Rival. Exclusively available on Rich Palms Casino, this game beautifully marries the thrill of poker with the melody of online gaming. Ride Em Poker features a traditional and straightforward design that mirrors any physical casino poker table. The simple layout, which prominently displays the table, player cards and dealer cards, makes it incredibly easy for both newcomers and seasoned players to navigate. The design of the Ride Em Poker game by Rival draws the player into the plush realm of a virtual casino hall, delivering an experience that is as genuine as it gets.

Gameplay and Paytable

Rival's Ride Em Poker is a three-card poker game that lets players determine the size of their bet at subsequent stages of the game. The rich and immersive gameplay combined with the potential for enormous payouts makes it a captivating choice among online casino games. The payable outlines various hand combinations, ranging from High Card to Royal Flush, each with its specific payout. The game also allows for side bets, which provide an opportunity for players to score additional wins, making the game incredibly rewarding. The tension builds up with every stage as players have the power to control the flow of the game—a liberty synonymous with poker fanatics worldwide.

How to Play Ride Em Poker

Playing Ride Em Poker by Rival is as straightforward as it can get. The game begins with the player making three equal bets. The dealer then deals three cards face-down to the player and two community cards face-down on the table. The player can then decide whether to pull a bet back or "let it ride". The dealer reveals one community card, and the player again has the option to pull a bet back or "let it ride". Once the final community card is unveiled, the player's winnings are based on the strength of the poker hand combined with their two cards and the community cards. The ride is exhilarating, and the potential winnings make it a must-try game at Rich Palms Casino.

Bonus Features

Ride Em Poker offers an engaging bonus system which amplifies the overall gaming excitement. Players have the opportunity to place an optional bonus bet at the beginning of each round. The bonus bet is independent of the main game but provides extra ways to win big! The bonus bet pays out for hands as weak as a pair of tens, all the way up to a Royal Flush, which pays out a whopping 20,000 to 1 on your bet. This bonus feature makes Ride Em Poker not just another poker game, but a veritable treasure trove where luck can land you some significant game earnings.

To summarize, here are some of the key features of Ride Em Poker by Rival on Rich Palms Casino:

  • Classic poker experience with heightened gameplay value.
  • Highly intuitive design and layout making it user-friendly for all players.
  • Optional bonus bet that provides more avenues for winning.
  • A high-paying paytable with substantial rewards for all hand combinations.

With its enticing theme and design, immersive gameplay, and rewarding bonus features, Rival's Ride Em Poker on Rich Palms Casino is a must-try for any poker enthusiast. The game’s rich and thrilling features coupled with the potential wealth at stake, promises an unmatchable and electrifying casino experience— a ride worth taking!