Rhino Sunset
Rhino Sunset

Theme and Design

The Rhino Sunset game is provided by Dicelab, a pioneer in creating innovative casino games, and it is available at the Rich Palms casino. As suggested by its name, "Rhino Sunset," the game ushers players into a magnificent world boasting the backdrop of a spectacular African sunset. The visual presentation is a stunning immersion into the safari landscape, showcasing shades of fiery orange and red sky, silhouetted acacia trees, and rolling sand dunes. High-ranking symbols include the mighty Rhino, brilliant Flamingo, fleet-footed Cheetah, and the cunning Vulture amidst the backdrop of the magnificent sunset.

Gameplay and Paytable

Rhino Sunset offers a delightful mesh of captivating visuals and engaging gameplay. It is a 5-reel video slot boasting 20 pay lines. The bets can range from a minimum of $0.20 to a maximum of $200, providing a wide range for both casual gamers and high roller players who desire to bag massive wins. The main objective is to match symbols on the paylines to secure a win. Each symbol carries different value. For instance, the Rhino, rightfully holding the title position, offers the highest payout. In contrast, the lesser wildlife symbols offer comparatively smaller rewards.

How to Play Rhino Sunset

1. After loading the game, decide your bet per line value. The “+” and “-” buttons can be used to adjust this figure according to your choice.
2. Choose the number of lines you wish to play from 1 to 20. Remember, the higher the lines, the higher the chances of a win.
3. Press the “Spin” button to start the game. You can use the “Autospin” feature if you prefer the reels to spin automatically a set number of times.
4. Win payouts for combination from left-to-right on paylines except scatter which pays anywhere.
5. Hold on for potential bonus rounds to multiply your winnings significantly.

Bonus Features

What makes Rhino Sunset truly intriguing is its exciting array of bonus features aimed towards boosting winning potential:

  • Wild Symbol: The Wild symbol in Rhino Sunset substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter. It boosts chances of a winning combination on the reels.
  • Scatter Symbol: The Scatter symbol is represented by the picturesque sunset. If you land 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you trigger a Free Spins bonus round with 15, 20, or 25 free spins respectively.
  • Free Spins: Apart from bagging free spins with scatters, the winnings during free spins rounds are multiplied to enhance your total win amount.
  • Gamble Feature: This optional feature presents a player with a 50/50 chance of doubling their winnings or losing everything. You are given a facedown card and you need to guess if it's red or black.
A thrilling masterpiece of casino gaming, Rhino Sunset truly exemplifies Dicelab’s prowess in churning out unique, immersive and lucrative casino games. Whether you’re a high-risk bettor or a casual gamer, Rhino Sunset makes for an enthralling plunge into the world of online slots. Get ready to journey into the heart of the African Savannah with the spectacular Rhino Sunset, available for your gaming pleasure at Rich Palms casino!