Peeking Banker Bull Bull
Peeking Banker Bull Bull

Theme and Design

The Peeking Banker Bull Bull game developed by CQ9 boasts an oriental theme steeped in Chinese gaming traditions. The game features a visually intriguing and colourful combination of red, gold and brown elements alongside attractive illustrations that boost its appeal. The best part, however, is the unique Chinese-style music that enriches the aesthetic and sets an agreeable tone for some serious gaming action. This baccarat-based game is beautifully presented with an appealing user interface and expertly designed game table, providing gamers at Rich Palms casino with a pleasing and enchanting gambling environment. The oriental backdrop and embellishments finely complement the traditional casino ambience, proving that CQ9 has indeed paid meticulous attention to each tiny detail.

Gameplay and Paytable

The gameplay of Peeking Banker Bull Bull stays true to traditional Chinese poker, with engaging elements that make it a thrilling and strategic play. The action revolves around the 5-card hand, where the highest possible value is a Bull Bull (also known as a Bomb). The game includes a paytable that is easy to understand, allowing both beginners and veterans to enjoy the gameplay. The table is divided into various betting sections, each with different odds based on their potential for returning profit. The game's RTP (Return to Player) is a commendable 95%, reflecting high potential for returns.

How to Play Peeking Banker Bull Bull

The Peeking Banker Bull Bull game may appear intricate at first glance, but after learning the basics, players can quickly become engrossed in its exciting gameplay. Follow the steps below to kickstart your gaming action:

  • Select your chip size from the options at the game's bottom. Your betting range can vary according to your gameplay strategy and bankroll.
  • Place your wager on the betting sections available. The 'Banker’, 'Player 1', ‘Player 2', ‘Player 3' and 'Tie' options offer a variety of ways to bet and win.
  • After placing your bets, click the 'Deal' button. The dealer then presents five cards each for the banker and the players.
  • The game employs a simple calculation method. The first three cards are added together and the result is divided by 10. The remainder forms the first portion of your hand's value. The final two cards are added and divided by 10. The remainder forms the rest of the value.
  • The hand with a greater total value wins the game. If the totals are equal, it's a Tie, returning the bet to the player.

Bonus Features

Peeking Banker Bull Bull from CQ9 stands out for its inclusion of intriguing bonus features. The game offers the Banker Peek feature, which allows players to peek or view the banker's cards before making their bets – a delightful twist that enhances both anticipation and strategy. Complementing this is the 'Super Six' feature, offering the opportunity to obtain extra winnings if the Banker achieves a total of six. Coupling this with the high RTP rate gives players a good chance to make sizeable profits, providing a strong incentive for players at the Rich Palms casino to try their luck on the beautiful Peeking Banker Bull Bull game.