Pearl Hunter
Pearl Hunter

Theme and Design

Pearl Hunter by DiceLab carries forward the legacy of games centered around a sea-based theme. Reflective of an underwater treasure hunt, the graphics are created with exquisite attention to detail, creating a visually stunning play area. Ranging from seaweeds swaying gently in the background to animated marine creatures, the theme is in harmony with the invigorating aquatic ambiance. The game panel shimmers with the glint of precious pearls, awaiting discovery and augmenting the overall gaming experience at Rich Palms casino.

The design supports an intuitive user interface and the game components are laid out in an easy to understand manner. With a backdrop of cool blue color that soothes the eyes, Pearl Hunter presents a visually stimulating design without overwhelming the senses.

Gameplay and Paytable

The primary objective of the game is to dive deep into the ocean bed, locate and collect as many pearls as possible, which further multiplies the player’s chances of a lucrative win. Offering 5 reels and 20 paylines, Pearl Hunter promises a high level of excitement and anticipation, in addition to rewarding the lucky winners with hefty bonuses.

The game is also marked with an array of striking symbols - Oysters, Seaweed, Sea Stars, and an array of sea creatures. The Pearl symbol, however, holds a prestigious place, as collecting pearls equates to ultimate victory. With a myriad of payouts for various combinations, Pearl Hunter ensures that a player is never far from a rewarding win.

How to Play Pearl Hunter

  • You start the game by deciding on the bet level – the higher your bet, the bigger your rewards.
  • The control panel then allows you to spin the reels. If you are lucky and land the correct symbols in a payline, you'll receive a payout according to the game's paytable.
  • Locating and collecting pearls goes a long way in promising higher wins. Furthermore, snagging the Jackpot star on the center reel can deliver a sizeable chunk of payouts.
  • AutoPlay feature allows you to spin the reels for a fixed number of rounds without any interruptions.

Bonus Features

One of the most exciting aspects of Pearl Hunter is its ability to offer a variety of bonus features. For instance, securing a certain number of Pearl symbols triggers free spins and multipliers. The possibility of triggering these bonuses during any spin keeps the excitement at fever pitch.

Also, landing the Sea Star symbol on the reels triggers the 'Touch and Win' bonus game which provides even more chances of a lucrative win. This feature makes Pearl Hunter truly unique and adds an extra layer of thrill and anticipation to the gaming experience.

Overall, Pearl Hunter is not just a game, it's an engaging adventure beneath the waves, presented by DiceLab and proudly hosted by Rich Palms Casino. It keeps every player on the edge of their seat throughout the dive through its tantalizing theme, superior design, dynamic gameplay and extremely rewarding bonus features.