Opera Of The Masks
Opera Of The Masks

Theme and Design

Opera Of The Masks by Genesis takes players on an exquisite journey through the bright lights and captivating theatrics of traditional Chinese opera. The game's artwork showcases detailed, vibrant illustrations of opera masks and a commanding background of rich red curtains, just as one would see in a regal opera house.

The atmosphere of the game is hypnotic with its stunning visuals and cultural motifs. The ambiance is heightened by a compelling sound design with traditional Chinese orchestral sounds that suit the theme perfectly, totally immersing the player.

Gameplay and Paytable

The gameplay in Genesis's Opera of the Masks is as compelling as the game design. It is a five-reel slot with 25 paylines defined by the symbols of masks, which brings a brilliant, vibrant energy to the game. The paytable is dynamic, with the value of each mask differentiating high, middle, and low payouts.

For your convenience, the paytable is displayed prominently within the game interface, showing each potential payout for each winning combination with masks. Particular masks have additional bonus features, leading to bigger wins and more exciting gameplay.

How to Play Opera Of The Masks

Playing the game is easy and user-friendly, even for beginners. After loading the game on Rich Palms casino, you start by selecting your desired betting amount. The minimum amount is as low as 0.01 coins for cautious gamers, while the maximum bet is 100 coins for high rollers.

Once the wager is selected, hit the ‘Spin’ button for the reels to start whirling. There's also an 'AutoPlay' function to continuously spin the reels for a selected number of tries without interruption. The goal is to match identical mask symbols on any of the 25 active paylines. The number of masks you match will determine your payout as specified on the paytable.

Bonus Features

Opera Of The Masks is packed with a slew of bonus features which add a thrilling twist to the game, and also increase your chances of striking a hefty payout:

  • Free Spins: Landing three or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will activate the Free Spins feature. This is not only provides additional chances to win, but also boosts the game's adrenaline rush.
  • Wild Symbols: The richly decorated wild symbol can substitute for all symbols except the Scatter, allowing a higher probability of forming winning combinations.
  • Win Multiplier: During the Free Spins, a win multiplier can be activated, which can multiply your winnings a certain number of times based on the number of masks matched.

In conclusion, Opera Of The Masks game provides an absorbing combination of visually stunning design, cultural allure, exciting gameplay, and attractive bonus features. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced slot gamer, this offering from Genesis at Rich Palms Casino is sure to give you an exceptional gaming experience worth revisiting time and again.