Night King
Night King

Theme and Design

The Night King game by Dicelab instantaneously grasp your attention with its captivating and distinct theme. The game is set against a dark and chilling backdrop that perfectly embodies everything the Night King represents. This horror-fantasy theme opens a new dimension and presents an intriguing spin on the traditional casino game set-up. Eerie and mysterious, the design is filled with exquisite attention to detail, capturing the essence of a haunted kingdom ruled by the fearsome Night King.

Rich Palms Casino provides an excellent platform for the game, with the graphics presented in stunning high definition. The icy blue color palette that dominates the game makes for an aesthetically engaging and atmospheric gaming space, further enhanced by the foreboding silhouettes of ancient castles and the powerful Night King himself.

Gameplay and Paytable

While the theme and design of the Night King game may be intimidating, its gameplay is refreshingly straightforward. With Dicelab’s premium quality, you can expect seamless game mechanics, a clear paytable, and consistent performance. The game follows a typical casino slot structure with 5 reels and multi-line payouts. The paytable consists of low to high-value symbols, represented by eerie creatures of the night and precious jewels, each carrying different values and prize potentials.

The Night King's game features high volatility, making it perfect for the restless souls seeking a thrilling, high-stakes gaming experience. Although payouts may not occur as frequently, each win has the potential to bring a sizeable prize, making this virtual journey into the Night King's domain all the more exciting.

How to Play Night King

  1. Start the game on the Rich Palms Casino platform.
  2. Select your bet amount. Remember, the Night King operates on a high volatility, meaning you are more likely to receive larger but less frequent payouts.
  3. Spin the wheel. With each spin, the symbols arrange themselves randomly across the game's 5 reels.
  4. If these symbols align in a particular pattern according to the paytable, you will receive a win.
  5. Keep an eye out for the Night King and special symbols - these can offer significant payouts and activate bonus features.

Bonus Features

The Night King is not without its share of rewarding bonus features. The bonus round is triggered when three or more scatter symbols land on the reel. This round sees players taken on an eerie journey around the Night King's castle where they have the opportunity to unlock significant multipliers by selecting various supernatural elements.

One of the game's standout features remains to be the Night King symbol. This symbol has the unique ability to transform into a 'wild' symbol, taking on the identity of any other symbol in the game to help create a winning payline. Furthermore, securing three or more Night King symbols results in even more substantial winnings.

With bonuses that mega-boost your winnings, versatile gameplay elements and a strikingly designed theme that will keep you immersed, the Night King by Dicelab and Rich Palms Casino is a remarkable game creation that remains a favorite amongst casino gamers worldwide.