Mystery Rainbow
Mystery Rainbow

Theme and Design

The Mystery Rainbow game is a heady concoction of mystery and fun, combined with a colorful rainbow theme that makes it visually appealing. The game's design gives off a whimsical vibe thanks to its vibrant colors and playful animations. The deep, velvety blue backdrop sets the perfect stage for the colorful display of dice. Each one of these dice represents different symbols, each coming with its own set of payouts.

This game by Dicelab is easy on the eyes, maintaining a clean and straightforward layout. The play area is designed to be user-friendly, allowing players to comfortably navigate through games and options. The graphics are top-notch, ensuring an enjoyable visual experience for all players.

Gameplay and Paytable

Mystery Rainbow follows the traditional casino game layout. The game features a 6x6 grid layout with multiple ways to win. The goal of the game is to match the symbols on the dice in horizontal or diagonal lines to secure wins.

The paytable consists of the following:

  • Red Dice: Offers a bid return of 20-200 times
  • Blue Dice: Offers a bid return of 15-100 times
  • Green Dice: Offers a bid return of 10-50 times
  • Yellow Dice: Offers a bid return of 5-25 times
  • Rainbow Dice (Special Symbol): Offers a huge bid return of 40-400 times

The paytable is dynamic and it changes based on the amount you bet. So, the more you bet, the better your chances of winning !!

How to Play Mystery Rainbow

Starting the game is simple. All a player needs to do is select their betting amount and press the ‘Spin’ button. This will roll the dice and display the outcome on the screen. If there’s any win, the winning combination will be highlighted and the win will be added to the player's balance. To win, players need to match symbols in clusters either horizontally or diagonally, and this is where the ‘Mystery Rainbow’ feature comes into play.

Bonus Features

The Mystery Rainbow game comes with an exciting bonus feature: Mystery Wins. This feature is triggered whenever the rainbow dice symbol, also known as the mystery symbol, appears on the gaming grid.

The Mystery Wins feature allows you to unlock bigger wins. When this symbol appears, it transmutes into any symbol on the paytable and creates new or extends existing winning combinations. The more rainbow dice symbols a player gets, the bigger the chances of winning.

Overall, Mystery Rainbow by Dicelab offered on Rich Palms casino, delivers a satisfying gaming experience. With its playful theme, user-friendly design, dynamic paytable, and lucrative bonus features, it offers an exciting adventure for players, while also delivering chances for impressive wins.