Gold Coast Surf
Gold Coast Surf

Theme and Design

Gold Coast Surf game, presented to us by DiceLab, is one unique and extraordinary online casino game that captivates the interest of online casino enthusiasts, particularly those who can't resist the charm of a vibrant beach environment. Placed in the stunning landscapes of Australia’s Gold Coast, this game intrigues you with its colorful aesthetics and the bright and shiny lure of the sun, surf, and sand collaboration. The design is a beautiful homage to the sunny locales of Australia's popular tourist spot and brings all the peculiar characters and visuals associated with a quintessential beach, right on your screen. Moreover, DiceLab has managed to incorporate this entertaining theme into a realistic and engaging fun-filled casino gaming experience. The game is available on several online gaming platforms, including the renowned Rich Palms Casino.

Gameplay and Paytable

The allure of Gold Coast Surf game lies not only in its theme and design but also in its gameplay and paytable. The game deploys the traditional Wheeler-Dealer format of the casino games and adds the engaging mechanics of board games and fun dice rolls. Players are to roll the dice to see how many steps their chosen surfer advances on the board. Each step forward can lead to a reward which includes a wide range of coin sizes. It comprises an enticingly cosmic 6x multiplier that adds a substantial amount to your overall winnings. Furthermore, there's a chance to grab impressive payouts on every roll, if the randomness is in your favor of course. Gold Coast Surf's paytable also outlines the game's rewards and bonuses, and it is suggested to review it before starting your wagering journey.

How to Play Gold Coast Surf

The first step in playing the game is to select your preferred surfer character from the group of five accomplished surfers. Each surfer has different odds, and the feature of unpredictable waves adds an exciting unpredictability to the game. To start playing, place your bet, and click on the "Roll" button. Depending on the number you roll, your surfer will advance that many steps. As mentioned earlier, each step can bring you rewards, multipliers, penalty squares, or detours. Aim to reach the end of the board, as the last square harbors the most rewarding treasure that can multiply your wager by an amazing fifty times!

Bonus Features

Gold Coast Surf game is fitted with multiple bonus features to boost the enthusiasm and rewards for the players. Here are the prime in-game bonus features:

  • Progressive Multiplier: With each dice roll, there's a chance to multiply your winnings by up to 6 times. It’s a rewarding multiplier that accumulates with the progression of the gameplay.
  • Double Role Bonus: Get a double roll by landing on the green surfboard bonus symbol. It allows the player to roll the dice twice in a row and advance their surfer on the board without any further bet.
  • Penalty Squares: Landing on a penalty square imposes a penalty on the players - their surfer slips a couple of steps behind. It adds a realistic challenge to the game and subtly balances the rewarding elements of the gameplay.
  • Last Square Jackpot: The biggest reward awaits at the last square. If your surfer reaches it, your wager is multiplied by a staggering fifty times! It's the ultimate jackpot that every Gold Coast Surf player aspires to grab.

Overall, the Gold Coast Surf game by DiceLab, made available at the Rich Palms Casino, is a thrilling online casino gaming experience, which unites the alluring theme of Australia’s Gold Coast with an immersive dice-rolling mechanic and a variety of bonuses and rewards.