Dragon Tiger
Dragon Tiger

Theme and Design

The Dragon Tiger game is another innovative creation by the renowned DiceLab. This game boasts a lavish Asian theme with the fierce spotlight on the two majestic beasts: the Dragon and the Tiger. The design creates a vibrant and captivating atmosphere that immediately entices players into the tantalising game world.

The visuals are stunning, featuring a bold contrast of fiery red and electric blue that reflect the essence of the Dragon and the Tiger respectively. The backdrop sets the game in an elaborate Asian palace with intricate designs splashed over the high-definition screen. The sleek, polished interface gives the player an immersive experience.

The sound design also deserves a sneaky applause. Characterised by oriental music, the audio adds richness to the thrilling atmosphere. Bells, gongs, and mystical chords lend an authentic Asian feel to the gameplay, making every spin or deal a moment of suspense and excitement.

Gameplay and Paytable

The gameplay of Dragon Tiger is straightforward, making it a hit among both seasoned players and novices. In essence, it is a two-card version of Baccarat and a speedy alternative to traditional casino games. Offered on Rich Palms casino, the game provides an uninterrupted, smooth gaming experience.

The game uses one deck and involves predictions on who will receive the higher card - Dragon or Tiger. You can even place a bet on a draw. The payoff for Dragon and Tiger is 1:1, but the draw brings a payoff of 11:1, making it a high-risk yet 'rich' return bet.

How to Play Dragon Tiger

  1. The dealer gives one card each to the Dragon and the Tiger.
  2. The players predict which hand will get the higher card or if it is a draw.
  3. The cards are revealed, and the hand with the higher card is the winner.
  4. In case of a tie, the house takes half the bet of Dragon and Tiger.

Bonus Features

In addition to the draw bet, Dragon Tiger also offers the 'Suited Tie' bet, which pays 50:1. This involves guessing whether Dragon and Tiger will draw with the same suit. While it's a considerable risk, the massive payoff makes it worthy of a try for those who like high stakes.

The Dragon Tiger game by DiceLab doesn't provide a Wild or Scatter symbol, typical of slot games. However, it makes up for this with fast-paced game action and potential for high return, ensuring an engaging session each time you sit down at Rich Palms Casino to play this game.

Overall, Dragon Tiger balances simplicity with captivating visuals, straightforward gameplay, and large payoffs. It's a refreshing change from complex casino games and a must-try for anybody who appreciates Asian-themed elements and enjoys fast-paced casino action.

Whether you're a Dragon or a Tiger, you'll find something to enjoy in this casino game. Step into the mythical world of the Dragon Tiger and embark on an exciting gaming adventure right now!