Dice Bonanza
Dice Bonanza

Theme and Design

Presented by BGaming, Dice Bonanza is a thrilling evening of entertainment that transports the player to a world of chance, probability, and uncertainty. This captivating game, available at Rich Palms casino, evokes the well-loved classic throw of the dice, packed with the thrill of a digital twist. The graphics are eye-catching, with a sleek design echoing classy and traditional dice games, while offering crisp, modern aesthetics for the new-age player. What makes it even more fascinating is its contrast between simplicity and sophistication, which comes alive through the intricate dice design and the neat, well-organized game interface.

Gameplay and Paytable

Dice Bonanza has an exciting and rewarding paytable that offers vibrant possibilities for every roll of the dice. The game's primary aim is to correctly predict the outcome of the dice throw, with multiple levels of betting that involve single dice, two dice combinations, three dice combinations, and even specific total amounts. There are varying betting limits, and players can adjust these according to their preferences. The maximum limit allows high-rollers to enjoy the high-stake excitement while the lower limit invites beginners and those who prefer an extended play. The paytable represents good news for gamblers with both low and high stakes with a range of return to player (RTP) percentages giving an opportunity to win some handsome payouts.

How to Play Dice Bonanza

Playing Dice Bonanza at Rich Palms casino is a breeze! The game has an intuitive interface where the player initially gets to select a betting range suitable for them. Once the player places a bet, three dice are thrown, and if the outcome aligns with the player's prediction, they win. Players have freedom in picking any number from 1 to 6, a combination of two or three numbers, or predict the overall total of three dice. This flexibility and the range of betting options are what make Dice Bonanza a highly appealing game for both novices and seasoned gamblers.

Bonus Features

Dice Bonanza by BGaming shines with its unique bonus features. Here are some enriching rewards up for grabs:

  • Twin Repeat Bonus : This feature gets activated when the two dice display the same number. The player is then rewarded with a free round, further increasing the chances of boosting their winnings.
  • Trips Bonus : In this bonus feature, when three identical numbers appear on the dice, the gambler wins a staggering 180x their bet!
  • Pick and Win Bonus : Occasionally, this brilliant feature lets the player choose a dice that will reveal a random bonus amount, adding a surprising twist to the gameplay.

In conclusion, Dice Bonanza game designed by BGaming and hosted at Rich Palms Casino, is without a doubt, a gem in the realm of casino games. With its radiant design, dynamic gameplay, generous paytable and thrilling bonus features, it offers the perfect blend of excitement and opportunity that makes every throw of the dice an unforgettable, rewarding experience.