Costume Party
Costume Party

Theme and Design

Costume Party, developed by Rival, is a comedic and thrilling online casino game that will attract any slots enthusiast. To be found at Rich Palms casino, the game presents an exciting mix of fun-filled gameplay adorned with humorous artwork and animations. The game explores a party theme with numerous characters dressed in a variety of fancy costumes including a chicken, nurse, superhero, cowboy, knight, astronaut, witch, and mermaid.

The design of the Costume Party game is alone enough to captivate you. The reels stand on a wooden stage with a red curtain, spotlighting the various characters as they act out their roles. Combine this with the cheerful soundtrack, and you have an elegantly designed product that exceeds most of its competitors in this genre. The graphics are high quality, and the interface is user-friendly, making Costume Party a top-rated game for both beginners and expert players.

Gameplay and Paytable

Costume Party is a unique 3-reel slot game that offers a unique twist to the traditional slots. Instead of the symbols spinning horizontally, they spin and drop vertically, hence giving the game an entirely new dimension.

The paytable shows eight symbols, each representing a different character in a funny costume. Every successful match constitutes a win - the Witch, Mermaid, and Astronaut generate the highest payouts, while the Chicken, Nurse, Cowboy, Knight, and Superhero offer moderate profits.

How to Play Costume Party

Playing Costume Party is a straightforward process. You begin by setting your coin value, which ranges from 0.01 to 5. Then choose how many coins and lines you want to play per spin. You can select between one and three coins and up to three paylines per spin. Your total bet per spin can be anywhere between 0.01 and 45 coins. Once you set all those parameters, you press the 'Spin' button to start the game.

The game is designed to allow fair chances to newbies and experienced gamblers alike. Getting started is straightforward. With auto-play features available, you can even step away from the game while the reels spin, making it an accessible and convenient game to play.

Bonus Features

The bonus features make this game truly stand out. Although it does not have many traditional slot game features such as wild and scatter symbols, it maintains its appeal through it's engaging 'Costume Bonus Feature'.

When you spin the reels, and a character is forming with matching body parts (head, body, and legs), that's when the 'Costume Bonus' triggers. You are awarded a prize payout according to the characters formed. Furthermore, those completed characters dance on stage, adding a comic touch to your win.

  • The Witch is the top paying symbol paying up to 5,400 coins for three coins per line.
  • The Mermaid pays up to 3,600 coins for three coins bet per line.
  • The Astronaut pays up to 2,700 coins for three coins bet per line.

Costume Party, despite its unusual design and concept, has proven to be a top-notch game thanks to its engaging features and high-quality graphics. Player enjoyment is skillfully balanced with ample opportunities to win, proving why Rival games are always in high demand among online casino players.

Try out Costume Party game on Rich Palms casino and enjoy this unique, fun-filled gaming experience brought to you by Rival.