Clow Cards
Clow Cards

Theme and Design

Clow Cards game, developed exclusively by the esteemed software producers Urgent Games, is a sparkling addition to the gaming library at Rich Palms Casino. The game borrows its theme from ancient mystical forces and the magical powers of the clow cards, which adds a unique twist to the traditional casino card games. Stunning animation combined with the vibrant illustrations provides a visual feast for players.

The design of the Clow Cards game adheres flawlessly to its theme, and it's evident a significant amount of attention has been invested in the smallest details. The aesthetic harmony created by the mystical symbols and themes is aesthetically engaging yet non-distractive. The soundtrack complements the mystical theme perfectly, immersing players into the exact ambience of the enchanted world of Clow Cards.

Gameplay and Paytable

The gameplay of the Clow Cards game is where Urgent Games truly showcases their gaming genius. The game commands a high level of strategic thinking while maintaining a lighthearted and engaging gaming environment.

The paytable is lucrative with impressive payouts achievable with the right combination of Clow cards. Players are challenged to unleash the mystical powers of each card to unlock the potential rewards. The enticing paytable coupled with compelling gameplay leaves players eagerly anticipating every draw of the Clow cards.

How to Play Clow Cards

Playing the Clow Cards game is an enjoyable experience suitable for both novice and seasoned casino players. Here are the stages to play;

  1. Firstly, players need to deposit their wager. This is done by choosing the preferred bet value via the bet control button.
  2. Following this, the drawn cards are revealed one by one.
  3. Should a player draw a combination that matches one of the symbols on the paytable, they win the corresponding payout.
  4. The result of each round depends on both luck, and the power of the drawn clow cards.

Bonus Features

In typical Urgent Games style, the Clow Cards game features some exciting bonuses that add another layer of excitement to the gameplay. The Star Bonus game is the highlight of these features.

Triggered randomly during gameplay, the Star Bonus game presents players with a selection of tarot cards. Each card holds a hidden bonus prize, from instant cash payouts to multipliers that can significantly boost your winnings. The thrill of the unknown in this highly rewarding bonus feature keeps players riveted to every deal of the cards.

Overall, the Clow Cards game developed by Urgent Games is an immersive and entertaining addition to Rich Palms Casino. Its mystical theme, thrilling gameplay, and highly rewarding bonuses make it a must-try for online casino enthusiasts. One has to admire the creativity, detail, and gaming intuition Urgent Games has employed to create this uniquely magical casino game.