Theme and Design

Betsoft's Birds game is aesthetically impressive, featuring an array of colorful and lively bird characters perched on a wire across 3D cityscape artwork. Each bird boasts a distinct, charismatic personality, making gameplay not only engaging but also humorous and entertaining. The rich color contrast and meticulous detailing ensure that each spin delivers a burst of vivid colors without overloading your senses. It fits perfectly into the game's overall theme, making playing this game a pleasurable experience.

Gameplay and Paytable

The Birds game utilizes a 5-reel, 3-row interface with a unique "Flights" pay line system instead of traditional pay lines. This distinctive game mechanic features a multitude of engaging bird characters, each offering varying multipliers whenever they form a winning combination. The winning combos are formed from left-to-right, with three matching birds required to claim a prize.

  • The multi-colored bird character offers the highest payout, dishing out a whopping 500x multiplier when you land five in a row.
  • Green and purple birds are next in line, offering a 150x and 100x multiplier, respectively, for a set of five.

Apart from the regular gameplay, Birds also features a unique 'Free Flights' feature which further enhances the gameplay and winning opportunities. The 'Flight Meter' on the left side of the screen fills up as you continue making winning combinations, unlocking more exciting prizes.

How to Play Birds

The gameplay of the Birds game is straightforward and engaging. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Select your coin denomination and bet level.
  2. Click on the 'Spin' button to start playing.
  3. Attempt to form combinations of three or more birds either vertically or horizontally.
  4. Each time a winning combination is formed, the birds in the combination fly away, and new spaces are filled with new birds.

The game continues until no more wins can be formed, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned players due to its simplicity and captivating graphics.

Bonus Features

The Birds game thrives on its innovative bonus features that make the gameplay more exciting. The primary bonus feature is the 'Free Flights' feature, which gets activated when the flight meter fills up.

Different numbers of free spins are awarded based on how many times the meter is filled:

  • Filling it once yields 8 free flights.
  • Filling it twice rewards 12 free flights.
  • Filling it thrice leads to 20 free flights.
  • If it gets filled four or more times, you get 14 free flights plus the number of triggering flights.

In addition to this, the game also features a 'Double up' bonus round where players can gamble their recent winnings in a 50/50 game of chance to double their payout.

With a riveting blend of attractive design, entertaining gameplay, and rewarding bonus features, Birds from Betsoft offers an intriguing escape for players at Rich Palms Casino, offering the perfect environment for a fun-filled gaming experience.