Bear Upswing
Bear Upswing

Theme and Design

The Bear Upswing game, created and powered by DiceLab, is a magnetising casino game available at Rich Palms Casino. The beautiful theme and design of the game provide an immersive experience that lures the players in, effectively merging striking graphics with entrancing gameplay.

The game is ingeniously designed to bring forth a wildlife theme with the strikingly charming forest in the backdrop, and our fun and delightful character, Bear, as the protagonist. The whimsical caricature of the Bear is the star of the game, given its significant role in driving your winnings higher. The appealing colour palette used in the game design enhances the visual attraction, largely composed of various shades of brown, green, and gold, presenting an authentic feel of the wilderness.

DiceLab has indeed done a commendable job in creating a perfect blend of modern animation effects with the classic rolling dice element. This adds an element of old-school casino thrill, thus catering to a wide audience with varied casino game preference.

Gameplay and Paytable

The gameplay of Bear Upswing game is straightforward but does not lack the element of intrigue that keeps the players engrossed. The main objective is to assist the Bear in climbing up the tree by rolling the dice. Each roll can set off a series of events that can either ascend the Bear upwards or descend it downwards.

The paytable of the Bear Upswing game furnished by DiceLab can result in pretty hefty rewards. Score increases proportional to the height the Bear achieves on climbing the tree. This signifies that the higher the Bear goes, the higher will be your reward payout. The potential for winnings is considerable here, given the high volatility of the game. You can anticipate winning up to 10,000 times your stake in this exciting game.

How to Play Bear Upswing

The Bear Upswing game in Rich Palms Casino involves simple steps to play. Begin by setting your stake at the preferred level, using the '+' and '-' tabs to adjust. Following this, initiate the game by clicking on the 'Spin' button. The dice will roll and the outcome of the roll will define the Bear's movement.

The dice rolls can make the Bear climb up the tree, remain in the same spot or tumble downwards. Players will receive rewards depending on the Bear's position on the tree. The thrilling parts of the game happen when special events occur like Beehive hit or Eagle swoop, affecting the course of the game and changing the situation on the paytable.

Here's a brief list summarising the gameplay:

  • Set your bet amount
  • Click on the 'Spin' button to roll the dice
  • The Bear's movement depends on the outcome of the dice roll
  • Earn rewards depending on the Bear's position on the tree

Bonus Features

The unique bonus features of the Bear Upswing game are what sets it apart from the regular casino games. The most attractive bonus feature is its 'Free Spins' feature. When the dice roll lands on the gold 'Free Spins' space, players are awarded a number of free spins. The fun part here is that the number of free spins awarded is not fixed and depends on the number of steps the Bear walks without falling.

Other special events such as the occurrence of an Eagle or Beehive shake up the gameplay and offer additional layers of excitement. The game features an 'Eagle swoops in' event which swiftly carries the Bear up the tree leading to a sudden, impressive increase in player winnings. The 'Beehive hit' event enables the Bear to shake off the Bees pursuing it and potentially gain more steps upwards on the tree. Each of these features adds an interesting dynamic and increases the earning potential of each play while entailing their own risks, keeping you on your toes and making the game truly engaging.