Theme and Design

Adventures game by BGaming puts you directly into the heart of a remarkable journey. It’s a compelling mix of Indiana Jones’ daring escapades and the glossy aesthetics of modern slot gaming.

The graphics are visually charming, portraying a vivid assortment of symbols and characters that outline exciting adventures awaiting players. The backdrop sets the scene for an ancient temple adventure, teeming with the promise of hidden treasures. The immersive soundtrack and sound effects add to the game’s overall thrilling atmosphere, encapsulating the spirit of a true explorer.

Gameplay and Paytable

The gameplay in the Adventures game is straightforward yet engaging. It employs a 5-reel, 20-payline format, which is a favourite amongst slot game players.

The game's paytable is rich in diversity: the iconic Adventurer is the highest paying symbol, followed by an array of intriguingly designed icons reminiscent of arcane artefacts and ruins. Spotting the mystical golden artefact, for instance, can lead to a multiplied win. BGaming has ensured the perfect blend of simplicity and thrill in the gameplay design, making it a hit among both beginners and seasoned players.

How to Play Adventures

Playing Adventures is as straightforward as it gets. Follow these simple steps:

  • Choose your bet size by clicking on the 'Bet' button. The game allows a wide range of stakes, catering to both low and high-rollers.
  • Start spinning! You can either spin manually or use the 'Autoplay' feature for an automated experience.
  • Align matching symbols from left to right to win. Remember: some symbols pay more than others.
  • Unlock bonus features by landing specific symbols. (More on that: see below!)

Remember, this game is all about adventure and exploration. So, feel free to take your time and discover unique strategies that work for you.

Bonus Features

What would an adventure be without surprises? BGaming ramps up excitement with enthralling bonus features in the Adventures game.

The 'Wild' and 'Scatter' symbols are the game-changers. The Adventurer symbol acts as the 'Wild', replacing other symbols to make a winning combination. But what you want to keep an eye out for is the Scatter symbol - the mysterious ancient book. Landing three or more of these triggers the bonus round and awards ten Free Spins. These free spins can significantly boost your total winning amount, making it an exciting feature to trigger.

Furthermore, during the Free Spins rounds, one random symbol is assigned as an expanding symbol. This symbol can cover the entire reel, increasing your chances for bigger wins. The intensity of these bonus features adds another layer of thrilling unpredictability to the game.

To sum up, Adventures by BGaming, available exclusively at Rich Palms casino, is an amalgamation of absorbing theme, smooth gameplay, and thrilling bonus features that promise an unforgettable gaming encounter. So, ready for your adventure?