Aces And Faces
Aces And Faces

Theme and Design

The Aces And Faces game by Rival takes you on a fascinating journey to the opulent universe of poker, injecting a dose of electrifying excitement through its outstanding design and premium graphics. The game decor amalgamates an aesthetic of modern minimalism and the classic ambiance of traditional poker, making for not only a thrilling gaming experience, but also an appealing visual feast.

The game is accessible through Rich Palms casino, an online gaming platform acclaimed for its impressive array of casino games and distinguished reputation. Rival’s design team has focused on creating a sleek yet user-friendly interface for Aces And Faces. The game layout ensures easy navigation for players of all technical competencies, while the high-quality animations and rewarding sound effects match the mood of an exclusive poker room, fully immersing players in the game environment.

Gameplay and Paytable

The essence of gameplay in Aces and Faces revolves around the traditional poker rules with a few extra twists. This game is a variant of video poker that capitalizes on high-value hands characterized by Aces and Face cards, hence the name. The paytable is generous, and it includes payouts for a host of different combinations, while the game interface comprehensively presents the rules and game controls to guide users effectively.

How to Play Aces And Faces

Playing Aces and Faces is a straightforward process steered by the intuitive design of the game. The setting allows you to choose the number of hands (1, 5, 10 or 25) to play with. You need to set your bet level and then be dealt five cards. The objective of the game is to create the best possible five-card poker hand. You can hold as many cards as you want and draw the rest for the final hand. Winning hands can range from high-card hands to Royal Flush. Remember, Aces and Faces pays generously for hands made up of face cards or Aces.

Bonus Features

Rival’s Aces and Faces game features exciting bonus options that further amp up the intensity of the game. The most gripping feature is the ‘Double Up’ option that's activated after every win. It offers you a chance to double your winnings by choosing a higher card than the dealer’s. But be careful, because if you lose, you forfeit your winnings.

Here's a quick rundown of what one can expect when playing this game:

  • Engaging and eye-catching game design encapsulating a poker themed layout
  • Easy-to-follow gameplay based on classic poker rules
  • Profitable paytable offering rewarding hand combinations
  • Double-Up bonus feature, ramping up potential winnings
  • Rapid response and smooth operability facilitated by Rich Palms' top-notch gaming platform.

All in all, Rival’s Aces and Faces game delivers an unequalled blend of traditional poker and modern online casino charisma. Coupled with vivid graphics, smooth gameplay, and the potential for incredible wins, it is certainly a must-play for every casino game enthusiast. So head to Rich Palms casino and try Aces and Faces today for a gratifying gaming experience!